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Beer Brewing Brewhouse Equipment

Beer Brewing Brewhouse Equipment

The Beer Brewing Brewhouse Equipment can be heated with Steam, Gas fired, Electric etc. The system composed of Mash Tun , Lauter Tun, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool Tank etc. The four tanks can be combined together to meet different requirement of brew system.

Beer Brewing brewhouse equipment

Standard Features

3 Vessel Brew House 7BBL/10BBL/15BBL/20BBL/30BBL or customized

Mash Lauter Tun with grist hydrator

Kettle Whirlpool Tank with heating jacketed

Grant Tank

Stainless steel Platform

Plate Heat Exchanger • Sanitary Wort Pump x2;

Wort Oxygenator;

Interior surface is pickled and passivated

Brushed Exterior surface, #4 finish

Interior surface, polished to RA≤0.22μm


To make the best beer possible, the craft brew is the key. On the basis of absorbing European advanced and experienced beer machinery technology, Our Brew house can fulfill various brewing technologies, variable tastes or specific capacities.

Due to its small size and flexible production, it can not only produce unique yellow fresh beer, but also produce various specialty beer such as dark beer, wheat beer, red beer, green beer, low-grade lady-flavored fresh beer and winter hot pot warm beer. Because the output is not large, it is mainly used in hotels, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment centers, etc.. Because the micro-brewing equipment uses a sterile sys and the beer does not require high temperature treatment and does not contain any additives, the taste is more pure, fresher, more nutritious and more hygienic.

Beer Brewing Brewhouse Equipment is available in 10BBL, 20BBL, 30BBL, 40BBL, 50BBL or even larger for customers.


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