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Brewery Related Equipment

  • Canning Line

    Canning Line

    The whole machine can be divided into two positions, filling and seaming, filling is used for pressure filling, liquid level is controlled by liquid level filling principle, and the material temperature is suitable for low-temperature filling. The seal adopts a double - wheel...Read More
  • Beer Canning Machine

    Beer Canning Machine

    Beer canning machine Introduction This Beer canning equipment canning-seaming 2-in-1unit is used to produce aluminum canned beer. It can finish all the process such as beer canning and sealing, it can reduce the materials and outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary...Read More
  • Bottle Filling System

    Bottle Filling System

    JD series of beer filling machine is used to fill the liquid with carbonated or gas containing such as carbonated soda water, sprite, coca-cola, and other carbonated drinks.Read More
  • Diatomite Filtering Machine

    Diatomite Filtering Machine

    Well-made filtering disk processing, special and high precision welding, welding equipment filter is firm, smooth, high pressure resistanceRead More
  • Keg Filling Machine

    Keg Filling Machine

    The filler working procedure Load the keg → Pressing → co2 pressure preparing → CO2 blowing spear → open the spear → filling → stop → unload the kegRead More
  • SUS 304 Beer Keg Filling Equipment

    SUS 304 Beer Keg Filling Equipment

    SUS 304 beer keg filling equipment Specifications Main Structures 1. SIEMENS S7-200 control unit is adopted for automatic control of all processes. Washing, disinfecting and CO2 pressure preparation will be automatically finished. 2. Time parameters can be adjusted according...Read More
  • Home Alcohol Brewing Kegs

    Home Alcohol Brewing Kegs

    Home alcohol brewing kegs Introduction This Home alcohol brewing keg is able to take on most of the real brewing in a micro brewery. It is suitable for some enthusiastic brewing fans or family party or some brewery labs. Feature 1. Material: stainless steel 304. 2. Surface:...Read More
  • Kegs Supply

    Kegs Supply

    Our stainless steel beer keg is made by stainless steel 304, which reaches food hygiene standard. The raw material which we used for the stainless steel beer keg is imported from Japan with a good quality.Read More
  • Water Treatment System

    Water Treatment System

    Water tank: storage of tap water, to solve the problem of insufficient tap water pressure and the back booster pump due to the impact of insufficient water, reduce the failure rateRead More
  • Drinking Water Treatment Purifier Equipment

    Drinking Water Treatment Purifier Equipment

    The drinking water treatment purifier equipment is used for pre-treating the tap water in the raw water container and desalting in the anti-penetration system to get pure water.Read More
  • Automatic Electric Brewery Controller

    Automatic Electric Brewery Controller

    Automatic electric brewery controller Introduction of control system Automatic electric brewery controller is to show all the tanks temperature and turn on/off all the pumps and motors. In the brewing process of beer brewing, the control system is a very important part. It...Read More
  • Automatic Brewing Control

    Automatic Brewing Control

    Automatic Brewing Control • Function: Brewery electric appliances control • Cabinet Material: Anti-power Plastic painting Instrument panel • Assembling Style: Floor Type/Wall hangingRead More
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