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Stainless Steel Fermenter

Stainless Steel Fermenter

Stainless Steel Fermenters are made by SUS304 stainless steel , which meet domestic and international food safety and hygiene standards. They are cylindrical cone bottom tank , the cone is 54-72 degree.

jacketed Stainless steel fermenter, keg beer fermenter

Construction of Stainless steel fermenter
1. The tank body has interlayer and heat-insulating layer
2. It has no sanitary dead corner and its wholly-enclosed design ensures that materials are always mixed and ferment at non-pollution state.
3. Aseptic system helps avoid microorganism pollution in the air and greatly extends quality warranty period and purity of the products. We specially designed and installed aseptic respiratory air hole or aseptic normal-pressure fermentation system, which can finish circulating heat-up and cooling through medium heat-up.
4. The parts that contact materials are all made of stainless steel SUS304. Heat preservation adopts polyurethane blister or pearl cotton. External surface adopts sand grinding surface polishing treatment.
All is in accordance with GMP standard. Volume has different specifications ranging from 30-5000L.

Stainless Steel Fermenters are made by SUS304 stainless steel , which meet domestic and international food safety and hygiene standards. They are cylindrical cone bottom tank , the cone is 54-72 degree. Their externals are made by 2B stainless steel drawing board , connected by welding. Their internals have a protective film by picking passivation , and equipped with 80mm pulyurethane insulation , .The tanks with dimple plate on cone and side , they are cooled by glycol water or alcohol water . Single tank , single control . 
Types: 100L-3000L , 1HL-300HL , 1BBL-300BBL
Other beer fermentation tank : Open FV , Single -wall FV



Stainless steel fermenter


100L -5000L


Stainless steel  SUS 304

Main workmanship

Numerical control plasma,laser cutting line and pure argon gas welding; professional machine polish for inside and outside .

Product characteristic

1. Double jacketed conical fermentation tanks with dimple cooling jacket

2. Technology: German method

3. Finishing: mirror polishing ≤ 0.4um

4. Separate CIP with ferrule connections .

5. Insulation: Polyurethane PU foam

6. Pipeline connection :PPR pipline or full stainless steel pipeline

7. Electric elements : With high quality Chinese famous brand or the international famous brand also is avalilable .

8. Matched fittings: the butterfly valves , the manway door , sight glass , CIP cleaning arm and rotatory balls , pressure gauge and temperature watch,adjustable foots


10. Cone degree can be from 54-72 ;

11. The position of manway door, on cylinder or dish head;

12. Cooling jacket can be ring jacket or dimple jacket;

13. Outter jacket finish can be mirror finish , 2B finish ,brushed stainless steel finish

14. The type of the manway door can be flange type or the nor type .

15. The dish head can be signal or double

Stainless steel fermenter



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