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Stainless Steel Fermenters

Stainless Steel Fermenters

Stainless Steel Fermenter is in accordance with GMP standard. Volume has different specifications ranging from 30-5000L.

3bbl 300l jacketed stainless steel fermentation tank keg beer fermenter

Construction of beer fermentation tank
1. The tank body has interlayer and heat-insulating layer (for heating, cooling or heat insulating)
The tank body, upper and lower closure heads(or taper) all adopt spinning R-angle processing. 
The internal wall of the tank has got mirror polishing with finish Ra≤0.4μm.
2. It has no sanitary dead corner and its wholly-enclosed design ensures that materials are always 
mixed and ferment at non-pollution state.
3. Aseptic system helps avoid microorganism pollution in the air and greatly extends quality
warranty period and purity of the products. We specially designed and installed aseptic 
respiratory air hole or aseptic normal-pressure fermentation system, which can finish circulating
heat-up and cooling through medium heat-up.
4. The parts that contact materials are all made of stainless steel SUS304. Heat preservation adopts polyurethane blister or pearl cotton. External surface adopts sand grinding surface polishing treatment.
Stainless Steel Fermenter is in accordance with GMP standard. Volume has different specifications ranging from 30-5000L.




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