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300L Copper Beer Brewing Equipmet

300L Copper Beer Brewing Equipmet

Jingde offers flexible Brewhouse / Brew Kettle designs to ensure that optimal efficiency is achieved while including all requirements that a customer may have (such as spacing, tank distribution, etc.)

300L Copper Beer Brewing Equipmet



Main Components

1.Trituration System

01.Malt Mill

2.Heating System

01.Steam Boiler(Optional)
03.Electric Heating(Optional)

3.Saccharification System

01.Mash Tun / Lauter Tank & Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tank (2 Vessel, 3 Vessel, 4 Vessel)

4.Fermentation System

01.Fermentation Tank
02.Bright Tank

5. Cooling System

01.Glycol Tank
02.Glycol Unit

6. Cleaning System

01.Disinfection Tank
02.Alkali Tank

7. Control System


8.Packing system


1.Saccharification System
The saccharification filtration system is mainly composed of a Mash Tun, Lauter Tank, Brew Kettle, Whirlpool Tank, a hop adding equipment and a matching pipeline valve. The main body of the equipment is made of high quality sanitary grade stainless steel 304 of international standard. The tank body is processed internally and externally by plasma cutting, pure argon gas protection welding and mechanized automatic polishing machine.

The saccharification system container can be divided into two, three, and four vessel according to the size of the volume. Generally, small equipment mainly uses two saccharification systems. The larger the volumetric output, the more containers, mainly to reduce the saccharification time and improve work efficiency.


2.Fermentation system

The fermentation system is mainly composed of a fermentation tank and a bright tank. Fermentation tanks vary in their design depending on the fermentation process. The general fermentation tank has an upper head and a lower cone structure. The tank is equipped with a cooling device. The cone portion of the tank has a cooling jacket, and the cylinder portion has two to three cooling jackets. This not only achieves the cooling requirements, but also ensures the cooling rate of the fermentation tank, and also helps to precipitate and preserve the yeast.


3.Jingde Grouped EQUIPMENT

SDET offers all necessary peripheral equipment (bottling equiment) to ensure that your brewery / Brewpub has everything it needs for a high quality brew and the means to give your clients the best drinking experience.

3.1 Malt Mill

01.Double Roller
02.Adjustable roller width, little dust, low noise

3.2 Cooling system

01.Glycol Chiller

3.3 CIP Tanks
01.Disinfection Tank
02.Alkali Tank


3.4 Control Cabinet
01.Schneider low voltage electrical components; Danfoss VFD;
02.Wiring diagram will be provided with the panel;
03. wiring diagram and English nameplate.
04.All motors must have fuse and overload protection.

1.Mirror Polishing
-Inside Polishing: Overall polishing to 0.4μm without dead corner .
-Outside Polishing: Mirror polishing, smooth enough and passivating treatment.
-Purpose: Make sure the inner tank smooth enough to avoid form any dead cornor which caused bad taste in the wort beer. Outer tanks looks more like an artwork.
2.100% WIG Welding
-All welding is TIG welding.
-All welding is Full welding.
-All welding is double side welding.
-Purpose: The use of argon on the protection of metal welding material, So that welding can not be in contact with oxygen in the air, thus preventing the oxidation of welding consumables.Which Makes tanks durable and strong.
3.False bottom/Sieve plate
-Equipped in Lauter tank,Laser milling, Filter gap: 0.8mm

-This filter plate is made on a complete stainless by CNC lathe, it is strong, filter fast and leak no any grist. Which has a good effect in Separating wort and impurities.




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