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Beer Equipment Safety Manual
Jun 05, 2018
1, the equipment is installed, each device must lead ground, to ensure that the ground is intact.
2, heating pipe terminal wiring, must be connected with a nose to ensure that the connection is firm.
3, grinder start the moment, people from the equipment a certain distance.
4, hose and connector connection, the clamp must be stuck in the connector card slot. Make sure the connection is tight.
5, equipment, pipe joints to check regularly, there are loose to tighten in time to prevent the operation off.
6, heating pipe terminal should always check to prevent leakage of electric shock hazard.
7, filter the tube to check before the use of the cylinder wall is intact, to avoid the rupture caused by external injuries caused by liquid spills.
8, each time before the pump check the pipeline valve is in the correct opening and closing state, to avoid the pipeline barrier, the system pressure is too high hold down the hose.
9, the valve is opened, the export shall not be against the people, to prevent the spray mash or hot alkali splashed on the human body.
10, boil, the operator should always observe the pot boiling state, to avoid wort overflow.
11, equipment cleaning, is strictly prohibited into the hot water of more than 40 degrees of hot water, to avoid lye spilled.
12, fermentor squat operation can not quickly get up, to always touch the wine head.
13, open the heating, you must first observe the liquid surface is completely covered with heating tube, to avoid burning damage to the heating tube.
14, heating pipe terminal screws to regularly check whether the loose, if loose to tighten in time to avoid contact with poor ignition caused by danger.
15, the operation to check whether the heating pipe cable overheating, if the overheating to power off the line group.
16, sudden power outage when the pipeline valve, all the electrical switch off to prevent sudden calls caused by accidental injury.
17, the pump mechanical seal leakage when the timely replacement, to avoid lime or wipes splash on the human body.
18, turn the barrel before cleaning, be sure to empty the bucket and then unloading the wine, to avoid the pressure inside the barrel caused by high bartender battles endanger personal safety.
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