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Beer Identification
Jun 05, 2018
Color identification
Good Beer --- light yellow with green, not dark, with eye-catching luster, clear and transparent, no obvious suspended solids.
Sub-quality beer - light yellow or slightly deeper, transparent or shiny, with a little suspended matter or precipitation.
Poor beer - dark color without light or loss of light, there are significant suspended solids and sediment, severe body turbidity.
Bubble identification
Good Beer - pours into the cup when the foam is strong, the foam is 1/2 ~ 2/3 cup high, white and delicate, hanging cup lasting (4 minutes or more).
Times the quality of beer - into the cup of foam rose, the color is more white, hanging cup time lasts more than two minutes.
Low-quality beer --- into the cup a little bubble but dissipate quickly, and some simply can not foam; blister bubble thick yellow, do not hang cup, like a cup of cold tea water.
Aroma identification
Good Beer ---  obvious hops aroma, no raw wine flavor, no aging taste and other smell.
Sub-brewed beer -  horticultural aroma but not obvious, and no obvious peculiar smell.
bad beer - no hops aroma, weird smell.
Taste identification
Good beer --- pure taste, wine is obvious, without any heterogeneous taste. Liquor quality Qinglie, soft co-ordination, strong mouth, bitter taste, delicate and delicate, weak and slightly happy, no bitter, no longer drink.
Quality beer - taste more pure, no obvious smell, the wine is more coordinated, with a certain Kou mouth force.
Poor beer - taste is not correct, there are obvious different smell, smell, such as sour or sweet too thick, iron smell, bitter taste or light and tasteless.