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What Do You Do Not Know About The Secrets That Are Hidden In The Beer Bubble?
Jun 05, 2018
Although there are a lot of people who like to drink beer, but I am afraid that a considerable number of people do not know, in order to beer unique flavor of the entrance, there is a very important step, that is to keep the beer bubble, its role is almost like Bubble in the meaning of champagne. What is the bubble in the beer? How can a small bubble effect be large enough to affect the taste of beer?
So how does the creamy smooth beer bubble come about?
Delicate, tender, smooth, there are a large number of specialized vocabulary used to describe the beer bubble. Bubble is an important indicator of the beer evaluation system, it can greatly stimulate the beer malt and hops scent, and to bring difficult to describe the mouth of the crisp touch.
Malt, hops and yeast and other beer raw materials in the fermentation process will produce a special protein, and dissolved in beer, has a unique "foaming" effect, and fermentation produced a lot of carbon dioxide, it is the formation of beer foam The essential. These carbon dioxide into the stomach, the case of thermal expansion and overflow, the performance of the reaction in the human body is hiccups, through the hiccups excreted, and then take away part of the body heat, to heat the effect. This shows the important role of the bubble.
 Bubble can also make the bitterness of hops and alcohol to stimulate the soft, so as to increase the feeling of refreshing drink. Bubble can make beer and air isolated, weaken the air on the beer oxidation. Because the oxidation of the beer, wine quality will be bad, lost fresh taste.
Beer bubble has a natural enemy
Now that you want beer to drink, the bubble is the key, how should you keep the beer bubble? Bubble and two "natural enemies", what is it?
Bubble "natural enemies" 1 - temperature:
The level of the temperature directly affect the beer bubble is different, the flavor of the pros and cons will be significantly different. Wine temperature is high, the beer bubble but not lasting, and soon disappeared, the beer in the lack of carbon dioxide, it is flat and uncomfortable; wine temperature is low, less beer bubbles, bitter taste, lower flavor. So how much is the wine temperature just right? Beer temperature around 10 ℃ bubble the most abundant, both delicate and lasting, rich aroma, taste comfortable.
It is important to note that this temperature is not fixed throughout the year, spring and autumn, the temperature of the beer can be 10 ℃, the summer can be ice to 5-6 ℃ or so, drink it is really fun. Winter to 10-15 ℃ is better, you can enjoy the beer's best color, smell and taste.
In Germany, the drinkers seem to like the cream of the bubble, the ratio of foam and wine is about 5 to 5 or so.
However, in the United Kingdom, Australia and other places, people prefer to keep only a thin layer of wine on the bubble.
In order to avoid the beer bubble overflow glass, so people tend to use the method of oblique, seemingly clever way down and not scientific.
The method of pouring beer is actually very simple:
First clean the glass, to ensure that no oil stars. When the beer bottle and wine glass at right angles, the wine toward the middle of the cup, has been poured into the bubble up to the cup so far.
Wait a little, until the bubble subsided after some, once again to the middle of the cup wine until the bubble was crown, slightly higher cup. Rest assured that it will not overflow.
It was calculated that a cup of beer about 7-8 minutes: first slowly into the glass into a half cup of beer, until 2-3 minutes and then pour a little beer to precipitate the yeast in the wine, but also 2-3 minutes again into a little beer, so repeated, straight down to the height of the bubble accounted for 1/5 of the glass.
This kind of down, homemade drink does not need, there are impatient people certainly can not accept, but occasionally, maybe after the discovery of the taste of beer is indeed different. Many people do not like beer bubbles too much, but moderate bubbles are better to drink up the flavor. In the case of a glass, the amount of bubbles is one-third to one-fourth of the cup. Beer and Bubble ratio of about 7: 3 the most appropriate, but different types of beer, there are differences. Beer and the boundaries of the bubble often printed on the glass trademark for the boundaries of the general pouring wine can refer to this method.
Enjoy the beer at home, the correct method of pouring wine is to quickly push the wine half of the height of the cup to create the appropriate amount of bubbles. If the speed is too slow or too fast, will produce rough bubbles, resulting in acidification; but little by little slowly down, and too boring. Remember to leave enough bubble space, so that time to release the carbon dioxide, and then with the time, quickly pour the wine, you can catch a professional feeling. Produce a bubble after a while, and so the amount of bubbles slightly reduced, become more compact, and then slowly poured into the beer, so that the height of the bubble rose to more than the cup, so complete myself!
Of course, the beer bubble is not the better, may indicate that beer has quality problems.
Such as wine raw materials by some microbial contamination, or bottled when filled with too much carbon dioxide. In addition, due to improper storage of beer, the temperature is too high or too much vibration will produce a lot of foam. So the bubble is not how to please, will affect the taste of beer. Therefore, the quality of beer can not be good or bad to determine the number of bubbles. High-quality beer bubble fine, white, hanging cup lasting, drink after drinking a lot of foam is still above the cup wall, is the real good beer.
Drink beer, then the bubble must drink Oh, rich in amino acids it.