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Why Beer Is The Most Healthy Drink?
Jun 05, 2018
Beer is a perfect drink which have numerous benefits. It can be said that beer is the longevity medicine which countless people are looking for. But if you can’t drink beer in a right way , it will  Have a negative impact on your health. So learn to how to drink beer is the key to keep health. I think even if it is included in the student materials is not an exaggeration. Jingde Beer Equipment Co.,ltd’s beer is produced strictly by the German brewing method. The beer raw materials only contain barley malt, beer yeast, hops, water. We don’t add any accessories and it is the nobility of beer.
No doubt, the beer is good for our health .the suitable amount of beer every day can help us reduce blood lipids, prevent thrombosis, reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but also promote your brain development, and even prevent brain tissue atrophy; antioxidants can promote your metabolism, Keep your body young; silicon intake makes your bones more stable; vitamins and trace elements make your nutrition more adequate; beer can even help you lose weight, lose your beer belly. It can be said that learning to drink beer is more important than writing.
1, anti-cancer, and enhance blood functioning
The bitter taste of hops can neutralize the excessive sweetness of beer to make them drink more fresh. But the more important role is that it has anti-corrosion, anti-virus effect, even in anti-cancer also has a prominent contribution. 1-2 cups of beer a day also can reduce the fibrinogen and coagulation factor concentration effectively and enhance albumin metabolism. It also help you stay away from high blood lipids and other diseases. IPA have the highest hops in the beer .IPA’s hops content is 80 times more than water beer hops content . a day a cup of IPA is equivalent to buy yourself a "delicious" insurance, And the spending just make ourself more happy.
2, prevention and mitigation of kidney disease
Hops also have a name with Shemacao in Chinese medicine. It has a significant diuretic effect which can Excreted the toxins from our body. The rich hops in beer can reduce the risk of 40% suffering from kidney stones and gallstones. but the hops also can help us slow down the pain of  release the stones . If we take much water , can also Increase urination. It will be a great help to solve the men problem to drink more hops but lower alcohol American beer.
Increase bone density, rapid recovery of bone injury
In order to ensure the level of bone mineral density, our body need  to intake of silicon content of 20-50 mg each day, and our daily food is difficult to absorb, but  beer contains the silicon element,  its content up to  level of 30ppm to 40ppm, which has a significant effect for increasing the bone mineral density, barley is the most important source of silicon in beer, so a bottle of barley prominent German under the beer fermented, it will give our bone health greater benefits, it has a significant role in improving our bone recovery, especially  when the destruction occurred, after Converted , drink 2-3 bottles of beer a day can meet our daily needs, more beer can enhance our bone density.
Keep the body young and alive
Antioxidants are the most effective helper for our body to keep the young state, and it can even organize the formation of cataract eyes. After baking the black malt compared to the original yellow malt will produce more antioxidants, the greater the degree of baking the greater the content, the result is the black beer in the antioxidant content is higher than the same alcohol concentration and malt concentration of the amount of light beer can even reach 2-3 times as much, and the greater the concentration of malt beer, antioxidant content will increase, their effect is much stronger than those antioxidants, it is a natural anti-aging drinks. So drink a cup of strong British black beer at your free time, is absolutely the most simple and most effective thing to your anti-aging .
Regulate body function
the yeast in Beer is a very healthy and beneficial benefits of probiotics, richs in B vitamins, protein and minerals, can effectively help the body break down nutrition, regulate the digestive system, maintain the nervous system function, and even help regulate blood sugar levels ,it's the most natural non-toxic side effects of nutrition. A glass of Belgian beer with plenty of yeast residue can helps you to adjust your own body's function, far more than the light and tasty light beer, and drink a bottle of sweet beer every day can make you feel much better.
Add vitamins and trace elements
We have been kept eating fruit food, absorbing of rich vitamins and essential heat every day to ensure that we can grow up healthy. From the banana we can get serotonin substances to antidepressant,a variety of vitamins for organ detoxification from the pear   natural antioxidant effect of anti-cancer effect through eating an apple, lemon citric acid helps a variety of toxins Decomposition, peach for patients in lung disease far beyond our thinking, like pomegranate, a natural super antioxidant can effectively reduce the growth of prostate cancer cells, except physical fitness,  can also increase the happiness index, so drink a glass of fruit beer every day, instead of a variety of nutrition,will be simple and interesting.
Keep away from pesticide contamination
Germans has the most primitive restrictions on beer pure law in the 1516,  but look at the modern society, and you'll find that this is nothing new, craft brewed beer has been accepted the principal by using the raw materials,  but higher advanced Organic beer need higher requirement, the degree of contamination of raw materials has reached a higher standard, Whether it is organic barley, wheat or hops, at least this could reduce the pesticide residue pollution by 30%, although this is still far from the popularity , But for health sake, choose an organic beer will reduce our health damage extent to  the minimum.
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