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Wine Operation
Jun 05, 2018
1.Problem: malt crushed too broken
①, adjust the mill roll spacing.
②, malt mixed with water to use warm water, the temperature at about 50 ℃.
③, after mixing water to infiltration for more than 10 minutes before crushing, can not be directly crushed.
2. Problem: heating tube burning paste
①, pump reverse, adjust to forward.
②, when the temperature should first open the mixing, and then open the heating, and heating must be seen when the mash up.
③, stop heating, be sure to stop heating, then stop the pump, the middle interval of 1 minute.
3. Problem: wort filtration speed is slow
①, malt quality reasons.
②, check the saccharification pot thermometer is accurate, the specific test method can be used to control the thermometer.
③, the beginning of the filter, the speed of the open too fast, resulting in bad layer suction board, should adjust the speed of filtration can not be too fast.
④, the rest time is too short, bad layer did not form a good.
⑤, before the filter plate without adding bottom water.
4. Problem: wort filter is not clear, muddy
①, malt quality reasons.
②, to ensure that the rest time, the formation of a good bad layer
③, control the filtration rate, reduce the number of farming.
5. Problem: wort stains caused by wine sour
①, to ensure that the fermentation tank scrub, disinfection thoroughly. Specific attention should be paid to the brush of the wine line, while brushing quickly after the installation of alcohol cotton, to prevent the formation of negative pressure inside the tank and inhaled outside the dirty air.
②, to ensure that plate heat exchanger cleaning, disinfection thoroughly. Specifically through the use of each after the recoil, and the method of regular wash and wash to prevent the heat exchanger blockage, and then before each time with hot water for sterilization.
③, before cooling the food grade non-toxic rubber tube full scrub disinfection, to prevent hose pollution.
6. Problem: The fermentation rate is too slow
①, yeast itself is poor activity, the replacement of yeast.
②, add yeast when the wort temperature caused by the majority of yeast inactivation, the need to add yeast in the repeated confirmation of wort temperature should not be higher than 35 ℃, especially not timely failure will cause wort cooling temperature rise situation.
③, the appropriate increase in the amount of yeast.
④, yeast must be refrigerated, especially the whole package of yeast to be sealed after the cold storage.
7. Question: boil overflow pot
①, boil, the winemaker to stand in the mouth of the mouth to see the whole wiped bread covered with foam to stop heating, until the foam dispersed and then start heating, repeated after a few times will not overflow pot.
②, stripped off a heating tube can also prevent overflow pot, but will affect the boiling effect, not recommended this operation.
8. Problem: finished fermentation liquid taste sweet
①, this tank fermentation broth with other cans for sale.
②, the cause of this problem is mainly due to the amount of sugar are not allowed, specifically in the sugar when the fermentation solution is not fully caused by gas.
9. Problem: drink "top"
①, change the species.
②, using low temperature fermentation.
③, increase the amount of yeast added.
10. problem: wine bubble big, play out are the foam.
①, reduce the pressure of the fermentation tank, repeatedly slow the fermentation tank pressure row several times. This approach can be limited to reduce the bubble, but will have a certain impact on the taste of wine.
②, buy filling machine, the use of isobaric filling (this approach is the best).
③, the bottle in the freezer in the cold, is now used to take.
Second, equipment failure
1. Problem: Water pump leaks
Replace the mechanical seal, the specific access to the local repair point or contact with the company after the sale of the request for the replacement of water seal video, control replacement.
2. Problem: fermentation tank pressure
①, check the breathing valve is leak, such as leakage on the clean.
②, see the pressure gauge root is leak, such as leakage tightening screws.
③, with soap and water to check the tip of the pipe pipe is leak, such as leakage will leak to live.
④, check whether the valve leakage, such as leakage for cleaning or replacement.
⑤, tank empty, the tank filled with water, with carbon dioxide from the top of the tank pressure to 0.18MPa, if the water flows down the bottom of the tank, then the tank rotten, to return to the factory maintenance.
3. Problem: Sugar canister heating pipe leaks
①, replace the gasket.
②, tighten the screws.
4. Problem: Pipeline leaks.
①, tighten fast clamp.
②, check the gasket is intact, and pad well.
③, whether the weld cracks, if the leakage of the welding.
Third, the cooling part
1. Problem: none (the indicator does not light, the table does not show)
①, check the power to ensure that power supply.
②, check the power cord to ensure access.
③, check the switch to ensure that the switch is intact.
2. Problem: There is an instruction not to work.
Check the temperature control table to ensure that the table is in good condition.
3. Question: the fan will not turn the cooling
Check the plug, starter, protector, compressor, any of the above damaged parts, need to find professional maintenance.
4. Problem: poor cooling, slow down.
①, clean the dust on the condenser.
②, to ensure that the fan intact.
③, plus refrigerant (looking for professionals).
④, repair compressor (looking for professionals).